Getting all of Tunescape in the same place at the same time has been compared to herding cats.  These bands are all sub-sets of Tunescape, and they happen when we want to play but we can’t get everybody there.


ESCAPE! is Tim, Jodi, and Peter.  They like to say that they are Tunescape without the “nut” but with all of the crazy.

ESCAPE! has it’s own web page, which will entertain you for about 30 seconds (less, if you have a refined sense of humor) and then send you back here.

Tunescape Girl Power

Tunescape, now with 100% fewer Y-chromosomes!  This group is (logically) Jodi, Rachel, and Nadine.  It benefits from the fact that all of the members live within a 50 mile radius of each other.

Tunescape Trio

Just to make things more confusing, any combination not specifically mentioned above could conceivably be the Tunescape Trio.