Nadine Dyskant-Miller

Nadine Dyskant-Miller, flutist/foot-percussionist, is known for her rhythmic pulse, beautiful and versatile tone, and breathtaking technique. She fell in love with classical flute at 8 years old and contra dance music at 11. She is a prolific creator of tunes in many styles. She received a Double Honors Preparatory Diploma in performance and composition from Eastman’s college-preparatory division, and her String Trio won the 2009 Hanson Young Composers Competition and was performed by Chamber Music Rochester. Nadine plays for concerts and dances with both Tunescape and Confluence, and also is a popular guest with other groups. Nadine spends her free time making chain maille jewelry, dancing, and enjoys photography and cucumbers. She currently attends the University of Michigan, studying music composition.